Breakthrough Sub-Prime Asset Verification Service

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Breakthrough Sub-Prime Asset Verification Service

Postby cbsheffer.8621 » Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:22 pm

I am personally contacting you about a breakthrough product that will allow you to capture additional market share by allowing you to accurately offer financing to subprime borrowers.

DecisionLogic allows you to instantly view your borrower’s bank account information online and real time with up to 90 days of recent transactions!

We have created a new underwriting product for your industry that has grown rapidly in the United States. We have much of the US market utilizing our system, including five publically traded lenders, and have just launched into New Zealand among several other countries, I am hoping to personally touch base with you or another member of your executive team.

Instant Account Verification allows you to instantly view your borrower’s bank account information online and in real time. This technology dramatically improves the loan decision process eliminating traditional methods of asking borrowers to fax bank statements or making three way calls to the bank.

Our service gives you to ability to verify a potential borrower’s identity, bank account number, current balance, and view up-to-date transaction history, all in a consistent and easy to read format. In addition, our summary analysis feature summarizes items such as payroll, deposits, loan debits, and overdraft fees providing you the tools to make a fast and accurate loan decision. The entire system can be used either as a stand-alone product through our User Interface or Integrated with your LMS with a complete set of API’s.

Please visit our website for more information: or I am available to answer questions as well as give a demonstration of our service using GoToMeeting.
I would also be happy to set you up with a trial account to test our service yourself.

If you could either give me a call or direct me to the appropriate contact within your organization it would be greatly appreciated.

Imagine the possibilities


Chris Sheffer, Account Executive
P: 858-586-0202 ext 182
9820 Willow Creek Road, Ste 310
San Diego, CA 92131
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