Buy a Car Get Your Driver License Reinstated

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Buy a Car Get Your Driver License Reinstated

Postby TRACYTALLY.8656 » Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:11 am

How many dealerships out there have dealt with the customer for hours taking up the salesperson time, the sales manager, and F&I’s time only to find out they have a suspended driver’s license and can’t even get financed. How many good clients did you lose while you were tied up with one that didn’t qualify? How many hours did your dealership try and put the deal together with a co-signer or a straw borrower? While I know the second one everyone said no to and looked around it may be illegal but everyone has done it, it’s that one more car deal, the difference in the end of the month, difference in the dealerships car sales volume. How many clients have you sold cars to that didn’t have a license and had a wreck and you ended up taking a loss on the loan because the car wasn’t covered by the insurance company?
Did you know the average dealerships floor traffic has 40% of their clients with a current suspended license? The client just doesn’t get qualified enough by the salesperson to find out what their needs are or what is going to become a hurdle because they are all so quick to go for the sale of the car they forget about the customers want and needs. So the customer gets to finance and the finance manager finds out they are not qualified to purchase the car. All you finance manager are shaking their heads yes on this one.
What if you could turn your disqualified clients into qualified leads, and offered them their driver’s license in the car deal, well now you can, and we do all the work for you. Rules of driver license restoration vary state to state, but we have the cutting edge technology to reinstate your clients driving privileges and help you sell more cars. Most dealerships give away more than $500.00 to sell a car now you don’t have to, our fee of $500.00 comes from the clients down payment it’s all invicible money to the client their mindset is they are buying a car you giving them their license makes you a hero, and sells your dealership more cars while protecting your investment with the borrower being fully insured.
Contact us for program details, dealer agreements and dealer incentive program, our program goes live Oct 15, 2015 nationwide, sign up now and attend our three training sessions and be ready to do business Oct 15, there are 30 million used cars sold a year and 26 million suspended drivers and climbing annually how many deals are you missing?
What better advertising to draw in your clients? Buy a Car Get your Driver License

No More Drivn Dirty 360-471-0935
or email us for complete program information and dealers agreements
or post any questions on forum and we will answer for everyone to see
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