REALLY ? Obama Telling Us We were Lucky In Business !

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REALLY ? Obama Telling Us We were Lucky In Business !

Postby combs.3602 » Sat May 14, 2016 9:54 pm

Hi gang - It's me again - Dennis from Combs Car Corral in Boise :) I will probably get audited again after this post :shock: I don't like to get political in business, but this isn't about politics, it's about the American business way of life-Capitalism. That word use to represent your hard efforts to get ahead. I can't say 'Get Rich', that's a dirty word now. :roll: I'm sure you have all heard the quote from Obama about those of us in business being lucky and owing any success to the government. REALLY ? If you haven't, check it out on Google - That is if it hasn't been scrubbed ;) . If you aren't already frustrated from his over reach of government and regulatory actions( CFPB, etc...) you will be very upset about this comment. If you read further into his comments, you will see that he says we've made our money off the backs of the poor, taking advantage of them. We have worked our butts off building our businesses, loaning money and cars to people that wouldn't have transportation without us.Yes, we charge interest on our loans, yes it's higher than folks with Good Credit. That's how it's supposed to be. You make your payments on time to build your good credit to earn lower interest rates-Freedom of enterprise,choice-Capitalism.We report their payments to help them build their credit and get out of the higher interest subprime system. We all sacrifice and take huge risk in this business. Yes, we do it for profit, or atleast that's our intent. It doesn't always work out that way. The way we are taxed is ridiculous. No one in ANY other business pays tax as we do. You all know we have 2-3 years before we recognize profit, but have to pay the income tax on a 4 year note within the year it's sold. Ofcourse we all have paid more tax than he ever will, and get nothing for it in return except more and more regulation and threats to the American way of life, and in particular, to the BHPH business. Mr Obama wants us to be like Europe where the government controls every facet of your life- Where you work, what you eat. We must travel in mass transit, and live in apartments where the rent is controlled. Whatever happened to free enterprise ? Remember that faraway, long ago concept that allowed people to have freedom of choice ? You would survive or fail based upon how the customers liked the way we treated them. What a concept ! If you ask too much for your cars, too high of down payment or interest too high ?, the customer would go across the street and you would lose the deal. Too many deals lost means you're out of business. I truly like and believe in that concept - It keeps me on my toes, and, it is the Best system to ensure fair treatment. Many times I have caught myself overpricing or under repairing and end up losing deals to a competitor. In many countries around the world, freedom is a four letter word- NADA. Not the National Automobile Dealer Assoc.- The spanish word meaning -Not Existing ! Some governments regulate what type, year, miles, and price of the car you sell-and to whom you sell.I pray we can get America back to the land of common sense. Hopefully this election cycle will bring us a more American First, American Values, American Business Friendly leader. Let's go out and sell some cars :D - Be careful though, Big Brother is looking over your shoulder and hoping to find something that will force us out of town. :cry: Hugs and Kisses too all ! :D Thanks for reading - Dennis
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