BHPH client application verification service

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BHPH client application verification service

Postby MikeIO.9258 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 4:40 pm

I am a 20 year BHPH multi-unit operator with a new business that offers administrative services of many types. I am considering starting a service that does independent application verification service for BHPH. I know how hard it is to have objective decisions made in the sales arena so i would offer a service that gets the app from your dealership with objective verifications and detailed notes on those verifications to provide to your underwriter - so they can make faster, smarter decisions. I am not talking about the automated stuff that is not very reliable - I would have someone making all the calls and having the online access to the proper channels to get you a quick picture of the client before they return from test-drive. I have the staff and the know-how. Before I launch anything, would any of you be interested in a service like this? i would assume this would make your paper easier to sell. i also see this as a way to lower staff levels as you could keep just sales people at the location and then only pay for verification of applicants as needed.
So... would anyone like a service like that?
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