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Tax Time

Postby combs.3602 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:58 pm

Hi gang :) - Tax time is on us again ! What are you doing to maximize your tax refund sales ? I am again giving away large flat screen TVs. It seems people are getting larger checks every year but less willing to apply a large portion toward a car. We are getting folks with 6-8k refunds but only wanting to use on average 2k for a down payment even though we are offering a larger TV for more down -- 1500 down 32" , 2000 down 40", 2500 down 48", 3000 down 55", 4000 65". Ofcourse, we are getting Some downs of 3-4k, but not as many as in the distant past. Many of our customers are creating debt throughout the year then paying it off with their refund, not leaving much for a down. Our sales are stronger this year, so far, but by design. We have brought in a larger inventory earlier, lowered our prices, listening harder to every offer, and willing to negotiate interest rates. The other struggle is the 'Mouse Houses' offering financing to second tier BHPH customers with beacons of less than 550. In my area, I think my company is partly responsible for this. We have offered $500 down for folks with very low beacons for quite awhile. Our non-'in house' or other BHPH competitors have struggled to compete with us as well as their sources of financing, so they were forced to follow suit. Although I think this is very good for the consumer, it is very difficult for BHPH dealers. I can't see how the finance company's can actually compete with BHPH dealers if we are well funded. We can make money on both ends-profit and financing, they can only earn from financing. I will keep you posted on our progress. That's my two cents so far this year. Please respond here with your thoughts of the season so far :) Thanks Dennis Combs Boise/Nampa, Idaho
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